THE SURFSIDE - Sushi & California Coastal Cuisine

THE SURFSIDE - Sushi & California Coastal Cuisine

Side Orders


Cold Appetizers

Oyster On The Shell (2 pcs) 5.75

Fresh oysters with smelt egg served with ponzu sauce


Honey Moon 11.00

Fresh oyster in a coktail glass with uni (sea urchin) and masago

topped with quail egg


Ahi Poke 17.00

Hawaiian-style tuna sashimi served with seaweed in chili sesame oil

and rice vineger


Seafood Salad 17.00

Spring mix and seaweed salad topped with mixed sashimi


Tuna Carpaccio 17.00

Seared garlic pepper tuna served with arugula in olive oil

and balsamic vinegar


Cajun Seared Albacore (6 pcs) 13.50

Slice of albacore tuna toped with marinated greens and radish sprouts

in wassail aioli and chipotle chill miso sauce


Edamame 3.50

Steamed soybeans, lightly salted




Miso soup 3.00

Traditional Japanese soup with tofu and wakame seaweed


Seafood miso soup 7.50

Softshell crab, clam, fish, and shrimp in miso broth


Asari Clam miso 5.75

Clam in miso broth


Akadashi 5.00

Red miso broth with flied tofu and enoki mushroom


Udon noodle soup 8.00

Japanese-style thick noodles in soy-flavored broth


Ramen noodle soup 8.00

Japanese-style thin noodles served with sliced pork in soy-flavored broth




 Green Salad 4.75

Spring mix dinner salad served with house vinaigrette


Calamari Salad 8.50

Spring mix topped with fried calamari served with green onion vinaigrette


Mushroom Mix Salad 8.50

Spring mix topped with sauteed oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms,

and shiitake mushrooms


Tofu Salad 6.00

Spring mix topped with fresh tofu and ginger dressing


Hiyayakko Tofu 4.75

Traditional cold tofu served with shaved bonito, green onions,

and light ponzu dressing



Hot Appetizers

Garlic Edamame 5.00

Edame sauteed with garlic and soy sauce


Ichi Bomb 6.50

Tempura fried shiitake mushroom stuffed with tuna, onions, and bell peppers


Flaming Green Lips 7.50

Mussels baked with onions, jalapenos, and a light cream sauce


Tempura 8.50

Deep fried shrimp (3) and seasonal vegetables


Chicken Kara-age 6.50

Japanese-style fried chicken marinated in soy sauce and garlic


Seared Scallop (4 pcs) 7.00

Seared scallops served with dijon mustard and ponzu sauce


Steamed Clams 7.00

Manila clams steamed in sake and soy sauce


Agedashi Tofu 5.00

Fried tofu served with a light soy-based sauce


Chilean Sea Bass 8.50

Chilean Sea Bass (3 oz) marinated in delicate miso base


Seafood Explosion 7.50

Salmon, scallops, white fish, crab, and shellfish baked and served with spicy aioli


Hamachi Kama 9.00

Broiled yellowtail collar served with ponzu sauce

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